What Is Sales Funnels And How Do They Help My MLM Business?

Sales Funnels are an integral part of any MLM enterprise. The sales funnel or buying funnel, is a user-focused consumer-centric marketing channel that exhibits the theoretical consumer journey towards the purchase of an item or service. The sales funnel is characterized by three distinct phases: discovery, evaluation and action. This article will provide a brief explanation of these three stages and how they relate to the sales funnel concept.


Discovery is the stage in which prospects come in the sales funnels for information. At this point, the prospect may have only a rudimentary understanding of the product or service on offer. This in-depth exploration provides the foundation for generating sales leads by eliciting more information from the prospect. During this stage, you should provide quality leads as well as targeted prospects through different channels to build a targeted list.


Evaluation is the final phase in the sales funnels and it is very important to determine whether or not the prospect of buying your product or service is likely to be a long term customer. When evaluating prospects, it is very important to remember that a prospective customer is only interested in one aspect of your business at a time. You should take great care to make sure you capture information such as demographics, preferences, likes and dislikes in order to segment your customer base. With this information, you can then concentrate on a specific group of people to promote to and increase the probability of making sales to them.

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