Use Boat Trailer Skids To Enhance Your Stability And Efficiency

boat trailer skids

If you own a sail boat trailer, then no doubt you’ve considered purchasing a set of boat trailer skids to protect the boat and trailer from the elements. And while a skid is quite an effective way to keep your boat free of dirt and debris, some boats simply aren’t well suited for using skids. After all, what good is a sturdy trailer that won’t hold up if the ground gets mud in it? Thankfully, there are ways to get around these “problem boats” and use trailer parts that will make your sailboat or boat trailer fit perfectly on the trailer towing it.

Boat Trailer Skids: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

First, let’s talk about boat trailer skids. There’s no other boat trailer component system quite like it out there. The Load Ya Boat skidded system comes in two models: the basic bunks model, which feature plastic boat trailer skids with metal tie-downs, and the power boat model, which feature plastic profiles with steel ties-downs. In addition, there are single-foot tie-down units for use on narrow trailer bodies and double-foot tie-down units for use on wide bodies. Finally, there are plastic profile bunks which, as the name suggests, feature plastic profiles with steel ties-downs, and then there are fiberglass bunks which feature molded fiberglass profiles with ties-down components.

Now, the best way to make use of boat trailer skids is to use them in conjunction with boat trailer rollers to provide the most stable setup possible. Because these rigid skids can’t flex, they’re much better suited to resisting impacts. You can also use boat trailer skids to provide added stability to a sloped deck. For example, if you have a wooden deck that’s not only been stitched to the boat’s hull, but also to the boat trailer’s frame, installing boat trailer skids will help stabilize the deck, making for a safer boat launch. The same is true if you have a straight or V-shaped hull.

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