Microblading in St Louis

Microblading St Louis is about to tell you everything they know about cosmetic application! From the hottest new trends to the best-known brands, from micro-rays to extensions and everything in between, they’ll keep you looking young and fresh all day long. Microblading has exploded into a worldwide sensation, with people of all ages and backgrounds falling in love with this new way to apply your makeup. Read more –

Microblading in St Louis

From traditional microbling, which uses tiny plastic bristles on the tips of your fingers, to new versions that include tattooing the eyebrows, Microblading St Louis is sweeping the beauty world by storm. In St Louis, many patients are treated each day with this revolutionary new solution that not only gives them instant results but also makes their eyebrows look completely natural. With microbling, once the patient goes in for their appointment, they are instructed to wet their eyebrows and use tweezers to pull back on the micro-brushes until they are completely dry. This pulls the hair tight and creates a natural looking, soft line of hair along the eyebrow.

From there, a technician will then apply the tattooed eyebrow to your brows using a tattoo gun that looks very similar to an airbrush. Once the eyebrow tattoo has dried, you simply have to wait for it to become permanent makeup! Some patients have noticed that their eyebrows become extra white when they wear Microblading St Louis, and some have noticed that their eyebrows are more drawn in after wearing the product. Each customer is different, so we suggest that you contact a physician to find out for sure whether or not you should use Microblading St Louis. In the meantime, enjoy the new found definition in your eyebrows and kiss the daily makeup job goodbye.

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