How To Recognize A High Risk Obstetrician

If you are a woman that has high risks of having a baby with a birth defect then you should take a look at the case of Dr chatswood, who faced a tough sentence in a court today. This case also highlights the problems that women like me face when going into the medical profession. Even if the situation is slightly different from that of a normal family doctor, a woman still needs to have a complete check up at a regular interval and it is only possible by getting proper information about high-risk obstetricians.

high risk obstetrician chatswood


It is not only the lack of experience that makes a woman a high risk patient; there are other factors as well which should be taken into consideration before entrusting your child to an obstetrician. It is better to find one who is well reputed and has a good record and charges a less fee for the service. You should also try to find an obstetrician who is located nearby to your home so that he/she does not have to make long journeys to come to your place. You should also try to find a provider who offers a free consultation where you can meet the doctor and discuss all your doubts and apprehensions about having children- high risk obstetrician chatswood


Many women who go for pre-natal health screenings, do not realize the seriousness of being a high risk patient. There are many women who have carried their child to full term and have no complications, but because they had been categorized as high risk, their doctors refused to register them for labor and delivery. I found one such case where the delivery was delayed and the baby died of causes unknown to her. The irony of this whole scenario is that the doctor was very much qualified to diagnose my condition since he specialized in it. In this way, high risk obstetrician like chatswood is kept out of the news for the common woman.

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