Custom Ear Plugs for Any Level of Hearing Loss

Custom ear plugs are customized with your specific measurements and in any selection of color or design you choose. Made-to-order earplugs are custom made of durable materials such as high quality silicone, such as the popular Siliconeogear, which molds to the shape of your outer ear. Most custom ear plugs have a high gloss finish. Some are gold-plated for a glossy look, and some are completely silver -enameled for a high shine finish. Siliconeogear is among the highest rated earplugs by consumers.

Custom Ear Plugs for Any Level of Hearing Loss

These custom ear plugs are created by taking digital images of your actual ears. The digital images are like a 3D representation of your inner ear’s internal structures. They are then sent to a specialist lab where a team molds them to produce a pair of custom ear plugs of any color (or shade of color) from durable, long-lasting, custom-fit material that won’t rub off. The mold is carefully designed with contours and curves to hold comfortably onto your eardrum while blocking out background noise. The final step is a high-gloss UV black finish to provide maximum comfort and protection from everyday noises. Because these custom solutions are also available for other types of ear protection, such as ear guards and earplugs, many people prefer these as they are able to wear them anywhere.

These custom ear plugs are great for any level of hearing loss. Ears naturally filter out ambient sounds so it is important to always have some sound filtering in the car on long drives, or any time you are traveling. These durable custom plugs allow you to maintain your hearing at levels above the normal range, without sacrificing sound quality. If you are experiencing any hearing loss or sound problems, it is crucial that you get in as much prevention as possible. You can go to any hearing health professional for diagnosis and a thorough exam to make sure there are no structural issues causing your hearing loss, but now you can take back control of your life and restore your sound clarity to anywhere you like with custom ear plugs made just for your ears!

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