Chemical and Waste Management

Chemical and Waste Management plays a major role in the protection of public health and the environment. It is essential that the different techniques used for its management are adopted keeping in mind the type of chemicals used, their characteristics and the quantity to be disposed of. The various strategies that are followed include recycling, storage and environmental re-use. The main objectives of management are to minimize the risk of contamination, promote safety, ensure reliable performance, provide cost effective solutions and maintain accountability.

chemical and waste management

What Your Customers Really Think About Your Chemical And Waste Management?

In case of chemical use, the aim is to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure reliability, efficacy and efficiency of processes and materials. It is essential for the safe storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of chemicals. Methods such as electrochemical process (CEP), chemical upgrading, closed system drug transfer (CSET) and chemical immobilization are adopted for the safe storage, transport and disposal of chemicals. These processes are eco-friendly and human health is protected by not exposing them to harmful environmental conditions.

Storing and handling waste can result in catastrophic accidents like gas leakages, flooding, subsidence, storm water contamination, chemical spills etc. Hence, it is essential that a strong chemical management strategy is developed and implemented for the safe storage, handling and disposal of waste chemicals. The waste chemicals can be categorized into three categories viz., fuels, chemicals and industrial waste. The fuel chemicals and industrial waste refer to the things which can be burnt like petrol, diesel, gasoline, cement, oil, biodegradable residues etc.

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