How Technology Has Changed Senior Care

With an aging Baby Boomer population and more of them each year, it is becoming more common for senior care professionals to be referred to HCAHPS, or Health Care Attendant Practitioner System. This is where an experienced nursing aide, care manager or licensed practical nurse (LPN) can work directly with patients. While many LPNs are able to perform some of the duties that patients may require, there are times when the aid is required to have a thorough understanding of the patient’s health history, as well as, the patient’s recovery progress. This is where Advantage PCA & Senior Care | Baxter, MN come in. Through an agreement with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Advantage PCA & Senior Care provides patients with a qualified, trained professional who can provide the direct patient care they need in order to make sure that the best level of recovery possible is made.

Advantage PCA & Senior Care Baxter Minnesota

An Advantage PCA & Senior Care staff member serve as a registered nurse, an on-call certified nurse aid, a licensed practical nurse, and an assistant to a registered nurse. The trained aide is then able to conduct all tasks necessary for patient care. Things such as: making patient calls, assisting with vital signs, such as temperature and blood pressure, making laboratory tests, and assisting physicians in diagnosing problems. While these tasks are not the sole duty of an Advantage PCA & Senior Care nurse, they are an important part of the service that is provided by Advantage PCA & Senior Care. In addition, patients can have one of their own Personal Care Assistants assigned to them, for additional support during their stay in the hospital or assisted living facility.

By allowing senior care professionals like those in the Advantage PCA & Senior Care to see what patients will need to do in order to care for themselves, the quality of care that they receive will always be at its highest level. Many individuals are living longer and healthier lives thanks to the caring services that are offered by a PCA & senior care center. And thanks to technology, the quality of care that is provided has never been better. So if you are interested in living a long and healthy life that offers as little risk as possible, call an Advantage PCA & Senior Care facility today.…