A Brief Introduction to Remote Surveillance Camera Control Software

Remote surveillance camera monitoring is done with a couple of different methods. For most average consumers and even most homeowners who need to be able to easily remote view their security camera feed, they’ll want to purchase units that are already equipped with this capability. On the other hand, many professional companies and businesses don’t automatically provide the ability for individuals to view their feeds from their cameras. In those cases, the consumer may need to find another company that will allow him or her to use their cameras from the convenience of their home or office.


For those who are viewing their feeds on a mobile device, such as an iphone or some other smartphone, there are specific settings that must be followed in order to view the video. Some companies have developed an android app for most of their cameras. These apps can be downloaded for free by the consumer, or they can be purchased through a subscription through their respective company. The android app will generally give you the option of controlling your camera feed through the mobile device’s web browser, as well as downloading the video to your personal computer. For those who have cameras that are hooked up to multiple web cams, this can prove to be extremely useful, because they can connect their feeds to their android app and others.


With either option, you can monitor any number of cameras, even if they are not connected to your android smartphone. For those who are viewing their remote surveillance camera feed through their computers at home or at work, you’ll simply need to ensure that the devices are always connected to the internet. After you’ve installed the camera on the desired target, you can view the feed by going to the viewing reolink. The “viewing reolink” icon will typically appear where the camera is connected to. If the icon isn’t visible, ensure that the device isn’t behind any curtains or other obstruction, and then click the “view” button again.

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