Selected region : East
Date: : 11th Jul 2014

In Tayside and Fife we are also asking for your permission to store any spare blood left over from routine clinical tests to be used for research purposes in conjunction with the general SHARE register. This is known as GoSHARE. When you give blood for a test sometimes not all of it is used. We need your permission to keep and study any of your blood that is left over. This will allow us to find new ways to improve the safety and the effectiveness of drugs to combat disease. If you have already signed up for SHARE and wish to join GoSHARE, just register again and you willl be offered the GoSHARE option, email-goshare@dundee.ac.uk or phone 01382 383230. More details of this can be found here

It only takes a minute to join the share register but together we can make a real difference to Scotlands future health.